Why register with the InternetFrog.com?

Good question ñ glad you asked. At the InternetFrog.com, all of our tools are always free. However, we do require you to register so that only registered users can access the more advanced tools that require more resources to operate as well as access the large amount of speed test data gather. We do this in order to prevent bots and other automatic programs from scraping data from our site and running automatic tests with our advanced tools which could cause the site to slow significantly or even crash.

By registering with the InternetFrog.com, you gain access to more free tools than non-registered users. You can also see the results from your previous speed tests, results from speed tests in your area and also results from speed tests from your Internet Service Provider (ISP). By seeing these results, you can compare your connection speed at different times and different days of the week as well as compare your results with others in your area.

In addition, registered users get access to all of our data. Curious what speed test results are like in Louisville, KY? You can access that data. What to know how many tests have been run on a particular ISP in your area? You can access that data as well. To our knowledge, no other leading speed test site allows access to its test result data like we do.

In addition, as a registered user, you will have free access to new tools we will be rolling out at the end of 2009 to include ISP ratings and reviews, monthly newsletters and forums and/or blogs.

When you register, we only require your email address and name. Since all tools are free, we will never ask for credit card information. To read our Privacy Policy, click here.

If you have any additional questions about the registration process, contact us with questions.

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