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Our free WHOIS search function allows you to search for the registered owner of a domain name. Typical information returned lists the registered owner of the domain name and the person's or company's contact information, the date the domain was listed, the date the domain expires, the registrar where the domain is registered, and the server or servers where the domain is hosted. Additionally, in some cases, the domain owner will also enter separate contact information for administrative inquiries and technical support associated with the domain.

Some domain owners purchase privacy protection which allows their personal information to remain private. The contact information displayed in these cases will be for the privacy company retained by the domain owner. You can still contact the privacy company and they will forward your inquiry to the domain owner since they still retain the domain owners contact information.

Uses of WHOIS Search

The main reason for using the WHOIS search function is to determine the owner of a domain name and his/her contact information. If you want to contact the owner of a domain name or website, you can query the domain name using the WHOIS function to determine what contact information is given. Most domain names will have owner names, phone numbers and email addresses associated with them given these pieces of information are required by registrars. However, there is no guarantee that the listed information is correct.

If you are receiving spam from a specific website, you can use the WHOIS information to contact the site's owner to ask them to stop spamming you. If they will not, you can report them. If spam is a problem, you can purchase a spam filter by clicking here.

You can also use the WHOIS search function to see if a domain name is still available. If no owner records are found, chances are that the domain name is available and can be registered through a registrar. Domain name registration is fast and simple and can be completed by using one of the hundreds or current domain registrars. For a list of leading domain registrars, click here.