Spam Filters

What is Spam?

Spam is generally defined as unsolicited or junk email. Just like the junk email you get at home advertising everything from credit cards to local restaurants, email spam operates in the same way. Spammers send out hundreds of thousands, and sometimes tens of millions, of emails to unsuspecting email recipients. These spam emails are usually trying to sell you something. While most people delete these spam email messages without even reading them, a small percentage of email recipients open and read the email messages and sometimes even buy the products being sold. This is what makes it profitable for the spammers. It costs very little to send an email message. So only a small percent of the people who receive spam need to make a purchase to make it profitable for the spammers.

If you have an email account, chances are you have received spam in the past, and possibly a lot of it. Before Spam Filters, some people had to change their email addresses as they would receive hundreds of spam emails each day which made it almost impossible to use their email account. If you have received large amounts of spam in the past, you know how aggravating it can be trying to read through all those emails to find the ones you really need.

Spam Filters

Spam filters are email programs that attempt to organize your email according to criteria that you specify. The ultimate goal is to filter out all unwanted email. Spam filters use a variety of techniques to determine which emails are spam. Most spam filters offer you a variety of options of how to handle spam. You can choose to have the emails automatically deleted, or sent to a spam folder or delivered to your normal inbox marked as spam. Most spam filters will turn off all links contained in emails deemed to be spam as a protection. These links can be turned back on however if you determine the email is not spam.

Most email programs come equipped with basic spam filter features. However, if you desire greater protection or control over your spam, you can purchase Spam Filter Software. Several of the leading Spam Filter Software products are listed at the top of this page.