What Is High Speed Internet?

High Speed Internet, or Broadband, is high-speed Internet access which allows users to access the Internet at high download and upload rates. High Speed Internet speeds vary depending on the type of Broadband service. Broadband services for residential consumers typically provide faster downstream speeds (from the Internet to your computer) than upstream speeds (from your computer to the Internet). You will most likely notice this when you use InternetFrog's Speed Test. Almost without exception, your download speed will be about 10 faster than your upload speed.

How Does High Speed Internet Work?

High Speed Internet, or Broadband, allows users to access information via the Internet using one of several high-speed transmission technologies. Transmission is digital, meaning that text, images, and sound are all transmitted as "bits" of data. The transmission technologies that make broadband possible move these bits much more quickly than traditional telephone or wireless connections, including traditional dial-up Internet access connections.

Advantages of a High Speed Internet Connection?

A High Speed Internet connection enables you to use a variety of internet services that requires high speed internet access. One such service is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is the ability to use the internet to make phone calls. You can test whether your internet connection is suitable for VoIP service by using the InternetFrog VoIP speed test which test the reliability of your internet connection.

High Speed Internet access also allows you to download videos, music and other data rich media from the internet at speeds not attainable just a few years ago. It also greatly increases the speed at which you can surf the internet or shop online.

What Types of High Speed Internet Services Are Available?

High Speed Internet serves can be provided over different platforms:

Each of the above High Speed Internet types has its advantages and disadvantages. But more importantly, only certain types may be offered in your area. So you may be limited in your options in choosing a type of High Speed Internet.