About Us

The InternetFrog.com was started back in 2005 with one objective ñ to offer free tools and resources allowing users to increase the performance of their computers and internet connections. We had one of the first truly free speed tests available on the internet. Back in 2005, most sites charged a subscription fee to use their tools which we have never done and do not intend to do.

Over the years we have steadily added more free tools and resources. In addition to our Speed Test tool which is our most popular feature, we also offer free tools which allow users to perform WHOIS Searches, IP Searches, Trace Routes, VOIP Tests, and more. We also offer advice and information on tools which allow you to increase the speed and effectiveness of your computer such as Registry Cleaners, Virus Scanning Tools, Spyware Removal Software, etc...

We recently added the ability of registered users to access the speed test result data we collect as well as to see the results of others in their area as well as their own past results. We do not know of any other speed test sites which allow full and free access to their test result data. Registered users also have access to additional resources such as saving their own test results, ability to rate and rank their Internet Service Providers and access to email updates about new tools when they are developed. If you would like to register for free with the InternetFrog.com, you can register here.

We appreciate your visiting our site, if you have any questions about the site or want to make a comment or suggestion for its improvement, you can do so by contacting us.